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Everything you say is accurate, except it usually only happens at the 
appeals level, which is lengthy and expensive, where they actually follow 
the law. At the local level, you are more likely guilty until proven 
innocent, and the burden is on you to prove you were not speeding, as 
opposed to the other way around. The fact that a cop wrote you a ticket is 
more than sufficient cause to find you guilty in most local courts.

I've had the most success pleading not guilty, showing up at court, praying 
the officer did not show, and then if he did, sitting down with the 
prosecutor (most courts allow time for this prior to the court session) and 
haggling my way to a better deal. the prosecutor's job is to gain a 
conviction, lessen the court's workload, and get fines, not points on your 
license, from you. So many times they'll change the offense to something 
with a higher fine and no points, assuming you did not get ticketed with 
doing 130 in a 65.

Best of luck!

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>I haven't had the misfortune of encountering the ENRADD impediment to
> highway fun.  However, I would strongly consider showing up in traffic 
> court
> to fight the ticket.  In my experience if you're polite and look 
> respectable
> you'll shave some points and some dollars off the fine as a minimum. 
> Quite
> a few times, the cop has been a "no show" and the judge dismissed the
> ticket.  Obviously, the bigger savings will be on your insurance bill.
> Here's a source for several links to info on fighting tickets.
> http://www.consumersreview.org/speeding_ticket.html
> Remember the simple fundamental - you're innocent until they can clearly
> demonstrate you're not.
> I'd question how they could determine your "humble grocery hauler" was the
> guilty vehicle if there were any other cars on the road.  If you really 
> want
> to get creative, you can request access to police records confirming when
> the cops were certified and recertified to use the equipment.  The
> manufacturer also probably can tell you how often their equipment needs to
> be 'checked/calibrated' and how frequently they suggest the officers get
> recertified.  The ENRADD may work fine, but you can ask them to prove 
> those
> specific cops had been certified to use it, and to show their logs
> documenting where they had taken any necessary steps to calibrate the 
> tool.
> If they can't prove both of these in court, then the evidence from the
> ENRADD might get tossed out by the judge.
> Disclaimer - I ain't a lawyer, but I've ALWAYS managed to keep my 
> insurance
> rates out of the stratosphere by fighting speeding tickets.
> Robert Welch
> Golden, CO
> 95.5 Black S6 Avant
> 01 TT
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> ENRADD is usually enforced via helicopter, and being such, unless
> you're on your 4th coke high of the day and are extra paranoid (refer
> to the last half hour of Goodfellas), you won't know until they
> communicate to the ground troops to getcha.
> Best of luck.
> On Apr 11, 2005 12:30 PM, Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) <WQQ2PXK at ups.com> wrote:
>> Harold ENRADD'd after Manuel got deSpock'ed:
>> <<<Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 21:42:00 -0400
>> From: "Harold McComas" <HaroldMcComas at comcast.net>
>> Subject: [s-cars] Blown Hoses, MPG's & Cloaking Device Failure
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>> I was curious about the ENRADD too so I did a quick search, looks like
>> you
>> got nabbed by a fancy stopwatch.    : (
>> http://www.yisinc.com/police/RF_ENRADD.htm
>> Harold
>> 85 GTI
>> 96 S6
>> > From: <manuelsanchez at starpower.net>
>> > Subject: [s-cars] Blown Hoses, MPG's & Cloaking Device Failure
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>> >
>> > S-heads,
>> >
>> > Topic 2
>> > Seems the blowing of the hoses is running rampant, as I've
>> > blown (no nasty comments pleeze)  both sides of the x-over
>> > pipe several times over the last few days.  Its been a long
>> > time since High School, question I have has to do with my
>> > boost gauge which has untits which i interpret to be different
>> > depending on whether the car is under boost or vacuum.
>> >
>> > The boost side is marked in psi, I seem to understand that
>> > one.  The vacuum side is measured in "in of Hg".  So is 20 "in
>> > of Hg" the exact opposite of 20 psi, or are they completely
>> > different scales?  In other words if I had the palm of my hand
>> > in the flow of the haidryer under boost, would the back of my
>> > hand feel the same rush of air whe under vacuum?
>> >
>> > Another oddity is that on the vacuum side my VDO gauge marks
>> > 30 in of HG while the boost side only reaches 25 psi.
>> >
>> > Topic 2
>> > After a pure highway run this weekend I can report 22 MPG (383
>> > miles).  My daily commute of 3 miles per day returns a dismal
>> > 12 mpg.  I know the short trips are killers, but I was hoping
>> > for something better than 12.
>> >
>> > Recent O2 sensor, RS2 less MAF and cams, Mihnea "crackchip".
>> >
>> > Topic 3
>> > I am pissed off @ Mr.Spock.  I thought I could trust the
>> > pointy eared bastard when he said that the "Avant" cloaking
>> > device he lifted off the Klingons was going to keep ol' smokey
>> > from detecting the "black wagon".  Well Pennsylvania finest
>> > bagged me on saturday and i will be paying a tax of $171
>> > shortly.  I was admittedly, overdue, but I'm still pissed at
>> > Mr. Spock.
>> >
>> > Here's the question, the citation says that I was bagged via a
>> >
>> > "ENRADD" which the trooper described as an "electronic timing
>> > device".  He and his buddy were in the median and he did not
>> > have line of sight with me until we were about side by side,
>> > i.e. perpendicular to my line of travel.  I didn't see any of
>> > those white strips on the pavement, and even if there were any
>> > there was no way he could have seen me, the tricky bastard was
>> > very well hidden.  So what is "ENRADD"?  Aside from slowing
>> > down, how can I defend against it in the future.
>> >
>> > FYI, the other options on the take down list were
>> >
>> > Radar
>> > Clocked
>> > A.O.V. (What's this also?)
>> > ESP (ditto?)
>> > Vascar
>> > Other (I got bagged by that damn "other").
>> >
>> >
>> > -manny "spocks fired, I can't wait for Mr.Scott to get back
>> > from vacation" sanch
>> ez>>>
>> MAN THAT SUCKS!!!!  I did a quick google of "CT" in that vein of
>> thought, don't see anything.  Yet.  Phew.  Anyone aware of other states
>> using that?  That's downright lame, not cool at all.  First I've heard
>> of it, and don't like the sound of what that will likely spell more
>> prevalently in the nearing future.  Yuck.
>> Heh, Manny, your Spockism was rich, thanks for the laugh.  I can't
>> imagine your BBS wheels giving your car away, at all 8-).  That thing
>> looks sicsicsic, hard for Johnny L to miss that one 8-).
>> -Paul fight da powah K.
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