[s-cars] Wiring connections for hands-free phone, etc.?

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Fri Apr 15 11:39:31 EDT 2005


Been there, muted that.

Radio mute comes off the 25 pin DIN connector in the boot. You can 
probably also get power off this connector, but I chose to get it 
under the dash.

Here's the information on the 25 pin connector (and more).


I also used the speaker in the center console, but simply spliced 
into it at the speaker itself and ran a wire to the phone control 

The stock Audi microphone will not work...you need to use the mic 
supplied with the kit.

On the Audiworld.com site there's a long discussion about tapping 
into the RJ45 jack in the center console. Seemed like a lot of 
work, but the purists might want to go that route :)

BTW, I *love* the radio mute. It's a great feature.

'02 A6 3.0 quattro avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

On Fri Apr 15 08:22:19 PDT 2005, Doug L <landaeta1 at comcast.net> 

> Friends,
> My UrS4 rolled past 100K this past month and I thought it 'bout 
> time I re-acquainted myself with modding.
> Can anyone reference where is the easiest connection points for 
> radio mute, ignition power, and possibly the existing telephone 
> speaker? I've saved all the accessory work for the same major job 
> (Satellite radio, Siemens Hands-Free, and a PocketPC Navigation 
> system.  Any help is better than digging through the Bentley 
> Wiring diagrams and trying to match the wire colors and 
> locations!
> Thanks, Doug L
> 94 S4
> 92 500E
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