[s-cars] NAC- Cordless Impacts

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Wed Apr 27 12:02:57 EDT 2005

I had a 14.4 cordless impact. It didn't have the juice to do what 
I wanted so I went to an 18 volt 1/2" Mikita. Now I'm happy.

Don't worry so much about the size. The heft is actually good when 
you're driving nuts, and my 18v isn't that big.


On Wed Apr 27 06:18:35 PDT 2005, Matthew Russell 
<skippertgore at msn.com> wrote:

> I think this may have been covered before, so let me apologize 
> ahead of time...
> The Conwell rep is having a sale of the Makita and the IR 
> cordless 3/8" impacts.  2 guys at my shop have the Snap-On 
> version (one has 1/2", the other 3/8").  What I don't like about 
> theirs is the size and voltage.
> I like the smaller size of the IR (6" vs 10") as it feels more 
> compact, and the weights are very similar.  14.4 instead of 12v 
> for the battery packs.  AND the IR has an electronic brake, 
> whereas the snap-on version tends to continue to spin after your 
> finger is off the trigger, which drives me nuts.
> Any listers out there want to pass on their .02?  Someone must 
> have tried one or all of these...
> The ULTIMATE cordless impact would be something similar to my 
> Snap-On IM 3100 with interchangeable 3/8 and 1/2 anvils.  But 
> cordless technology may not be there yet.
> -Matt, CO
> 92 s4
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