[s-cars] Ebay.de clear blinkers?

Nick Stuart baredok at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 16:54:00 EDT 2005

Why go to the .de site (unless you live in europe) when they can be
found at the regular .com site.

Have heard that these corners work out pretty good, although have
never had any personal experince with them or the seller.


On 4/27/05, Toborg Michael (AC-SM/ESC3) * <Michael.Toborg at us.bosch.com> wrote:
> Anybody ever buy clear front blinkers for the US UrS4/6 from germany?
> If you do a search on ebay.de for "Audi blinker" it brings up a whole
> bunch.
> They seem cheap to me, ~22 Euro, I guess I would use the ones for Audi
> 100 C4 Build years 90-94 (BJ=Build Year) for a 95 S6?
> There's also grey ones, but I like the clear....
> Mike
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