[s-cars] RS2 mod questions

RM waves at epix.net
Mon Aug 1 17:00:16 EDT 2005

OK, so i had the weekend to kick over plans here. As noted last week, i may 
be selling my unfinished 1990  90 20v turbo project that's 75% done. 
Although there is interest in the whole package, i'm clearly not going to 
get anything close to what i have into it... that's a given. I always 
thought i'd like to RS2 my 1994 S4 however. Since I have both IM and EM as 
well as the turbo, all currently installed on the engine in the 90, i may 
just swipe them off and install them on the S4, then sell the 90q. Yup, that 
would cost me $$$ on the package, but at least i'd satisfy my need for a 
faster Audi.
Questions are this...

The S4 has been dead reliable, but it has been relatively babied and not 
driven much more than 4000 miles a year. I'd still not drive it all that 
much with the RS2 items installed. But has anyone had any issues by going 
this route? I certainly don't want to comprimise the dependability of this 
fine car. It currently has 115k miles on it, the engine has excellent 
compression, no smoke, no noises etc. so i think i'm dealing with a sound 
engine as a basis. I do not intend to track it or run it hard, just some 
short bursts ont he turnpike now and again. Any thoughts??

As far as the intercooler, which is currently stock, what's a good upgrade 
that won't cost a ton of $$$. The $900 turbonetics IC i bought for the 90 is 
far too big for the S4... i think, so i'd need something a tad more common.

That's all for now, i'm sure i'll have more ??? later, thanks!


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