[s-cars] S-Fest 2005 attention: lost and found dept.

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Mon Aug 29 13:49:56 EDT 2005


Me wonders if said camera destroyed itself in effort to preserve certain
face(ssss)???  Naaaaa.  Hope it turns up, sorry.  Least you didn't loose
the 10,000,000 cp floodlight, need that for the airport.

***I DO have the following lost and found items***

 - blue 3 cell maglite
 - some tent pegs in a blue pouch
 - a shirt for Jim Miller (?) 
 - two green party chairs
 - a partridge in a pear tree  
 - Oh and of course Baloney's hammer yet again, this year with a table
to keep it unlonesome until next Baloney sighting here

-Sgt. 'looking like next rentalreck trip to NY comes Sept. / Oct. stay
tuned' Schultz

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Jimbo, I had a blast hanging out at the Fest, wish I would have gotten
a little earlier. There' always next year, and the year in between.

By chance did anyone come across a Sony miniDV camcorder during the
I had brought it along to in hopes of showing the Jag Flog at the
undisclosed Brooklyn spot. But then the moonshine came out... And things
a bit foggy beyond that for me.

It may have fallen out at the UPG-CT, as I had rearranged a few things
there. If you know the responsible parties involved with that affair,
forward my inquiry to them.

Serge, chilly salad, Filanovsky

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