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Vincent Fregeac vfregeac at sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 31 11:15:41 EDT 2005

I'm glad to hear that only the car have been hurt. Even if we love them,
they are replacable, not humans.

For the car, the body work alone will probably make your car a total loss.
The deployed airbags also. If there's some mechanical damage too, you're
better find another S4 and part this one out. There was a few guys parting
out urSs these past few month and they may chime in to tell you what you can
expect from the parts.


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My father and I met several people from this list at S Fest last saturday. 
We came in a stock perl white 93 S4.  Unfortunately today the car slid 
out on a wet road and hit almost head on into a concrete highway divider 
and spun around smacking the rear as well.  Thankfully no one was hurt 
except the car.  The coolant leaked out evrywhere since the rad got 
mushed.  front bumper/lights/hood/grill/quarter panel/etc are all done 
for.  The rear bumper is garbage and the left quarter panel is bent.  From 
the small time I spent looking at the car between being expremely pissed off
and trying to get to work, it doesnt look like the front compacted enough to
damage the engine past the rad and perhaps the IC.  The front core support
obviously bent to hell I would assume, but I didn't lift the 
mangled hood to check anything out.  What leads me to believe there may 
be some serious mechanical damage however:  The steering column is 
extremely loose. 
It still turns the wheels, but you can wiggle it all over the place. 
There was some smoke coming out of the dash, but no sign of fire.  Some grey
liquid squirted out of the dash onto my right shoulder.. don't know what it

At this point I am not sure whether fixing the car will be worth the 
money, and I am considering parting it out if I can recoup some of what I 
spent to purchase it.  I do not know anything about the going rate for 
Audi parts of the expense to fix a car with this much damage.  Please give 
me your input so we can make the right decision.

The body has 119,xxx miles.  The 20v engine and turbo were replaced 
~27,000 miles ago.  Rotors replaced ~25k ago.  Many other parts replaced 
25-27k ago.. I forget everything but I have all receipts at home.

rest of the car:
Stock 16" forged S4 wheels with some all season crappy in the rain tires.
Stock 93 suspension. PRISTINE black leather interior.  Of all the cars I saw
at S Fest, our car 
had the nicest interior.. no wear on the seats or carpet.
The dash was also in perfect condition, but that may have changed, and the 
airbags were deployed.

It saddens me that my 1st post here is detailing the death of an S4, so I 
would appreciate any input you can give me.  Thanks

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