[s-cars] RE : anyone besides me tempted to pump regular gas?

Adrian Hart mail at red-wing.co.uk
Wed Aug 31 13:01:35 EDT 2005

So Bob has just informed me. Two nations united by a dissimilar Octane 
rating system. You'll be telling me your miles are shorter next...   

On 31 Aug 2005, at 17:44, Harold McComas wrote:

Adrian, the US and European octane ratings are not the same. The US 
uses an average of  the research octane ( RON) and motor octane (MON), 
or  (R + M)/ 2. Europe as far as I know only uses RON, so your UK 96 
octane is equivalent to the US' 92 octane.

96 S6
Manchester, NH

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> Guys,
> Just to put your fuel price woes into some perspective we pay the
> equivalent of $8plus, per (admittedly a very slightly bigger) gallon.
> On the other hand our "standard" fuel is 95 octane and it's easy to get
> hold of 98+ octane at the pumps...
> Adrian
> UK
> urS4
> ur quattro etc...

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