[s-cars] Looking for a urS6 avant

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i think most were not clear coated. i'd hesitate to do the wax thing. i used
to do that on my car...it would look great for two-three days, until the
oxidation started coming back. so unless you like waxing your car every 2-3
days, not a good idea!

i did hear once that if the paint was in great condition except for
oxidizing, it can be prepped by a body shop to make it look perfect long
enough to apply new clearcoat. That's far less money than a new paint job
(50% or less), and will keep the oxidation at bay for years.

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IME, the car should be closer to $9,000. You might want to try to take
some carnauba wax on a spot and see if it shines up. Some Tornado Red
Audis did NOT come with clear coat, leaving the paint very susceptible
to oxidation.

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On 12/10/05, John Karasaki <johkar at teleport.com> wrote:
> Guys,
> Our coupe quattro is a pain with our infant son.  Our 1999.5 A4 avant
> much better.
> I am looking for a 1995.5 S6 avant.  There is one here for sale in
> Portland.  I looked at, drove and viewed all the repair records.  The
> owners are very nice.
> Unfortunately, the car isn't.  It is red, with the wicked VW/Audi red
> fade.  The family is into ski racing, so it has seen alot of mountain
> time.  The ski and rack roof damage is extensive.  The paint is worse than
> any Audi I have ever owned, and I have owned many "parts cars".  IMHO, it
> needs a repaint.
> There is a bit of differed maintenance as well (timing belt and all that
> entails, clutch, shocks, steering rack, bushings, etc.).
> He's firm at $12000 which I think is too high for a ski car.  I'm I all
> wet?  Mileage is almost 160k.
> I have not seen the two Avants that are for sale in California in person,
> but from the Audifans ads, they seemed in excellent condition for around
> What's the going rate for these rare beasts?  And more importantly, does
> anyone know of one that's in great shape and for sale at a reasonable
> Thanks!
> John
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