[s-cars] VW V5/I5 : January 2005 issue of EVO magazine, pg 25

manuel manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Fri Feb 11 00:17:13 EST 2005

Ok, so it was buggin' me so much that I had to search thru my stack of rags 
and I found it, not Autoweek but:

January 2005 issue of EVO magazine, pg 25, in the "Ask Jeff" column, a nice 
glossy pic of a giant VW engine logo and a big "V5".

The article goes on to explain much of what others have said though, its a 
narrow angle (15 deg) 5 cylinder, according to these guys. Makes no mention 
of Jetta, but rather Golf and Passat use.  So I'm a bit fuzzy on the 
details, but that damn "V5" sure did burn into my brain.

Aaah, now I can sleep.  Good night.


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