[s-cars] Oil Leak 94 S4

Igor Kessel KBATPO at comcast.net
Sun Feb 13 13:16:05 EST 2005

Fred Munro wrote:
> Aaron;
> The sensor is located on the left upper side of the engine near the front.
> The oil can run down the block, pool in the oil pan flange cast into the
> block, and run out at the rear of the block. On my car I initially thought
> the oil pan gasket was leaking because the entire flange was wet with oil
> front to back.
> Fred
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> Ive noticed some leakage which seems to be coming from the bell housing
> but Im not sure.
> Where is this oil pressure sensor located?
> Thanks
> Aaron
> Fred Munro wrote:
>>Yeah, I think these are starting to fail, Greg. I replaced mine last fall.
>>I've seen a couple other posts about oil pressure switch failures on the
>>older UrS cars. Guys, if you've got oil down the left side of your engine,
>>take a close look at the oil pressure switch. You really don't want to blow
>>the plastic centre out of it at highway speed.
>>Fred Munro
>>'94 S4
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>>Hi All,
>>Upon closer inspection, I determined that the problem
>>was a leaking oil pressure switch, which is above the
>>oil pressure sensor.
>>Part was less than $8.00 at local import parts place,
>>had same numbers on it as the Audi one that came out
>>and the guy said it was S4 specific.  Now I get to
>>deal with a belly pan full of oil.
>>94 S4

The ON-OFF oil pressure switch is a typical source of the leak. They are 
made like crap and usually leak at the crimping of the metal body around 
the plastic insert.
Yesterday a friend of mine with a '94 UrS4 called me up from a NH ski 
resort, told me that his switch was running like a sieve and asked for 
an advice as to what could be done in the field far away from home on a 
Saturday night short of summoning a tow truck. I told him to remove the 
switch and plug it with any 10x1mm bolt so that he could make the trip 
back home.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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