[s-cars] Why S4?

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at att.net
Wed Jan 5 08:13:31 EST 2005

The S4 was just a progression in the "Sport" cars and was not based on
any specific body style.  It started with the S1, which was a racing
version of the UrQ.  Then came the S2 in '92 which was based on 80/90
body style.  While most people think of the S2 as a coupe, it was also
available based on the sedan and avant versions of the 80/90.  The S4
was also introduced in '92.  It was my understanding that at the time
Audi was also planning an S3 (Maybe based on the '90-'94 V8?  Just a
guess.) but that never materialized (keep in mind the A3 didn't exist
yet), which is why it skipped between the S2 and the UrS4.  At least
that's what I heard.  Someone with better history can correct this.
Once the model nomenclatures changed to the current A3, A4, etc, the S
car names were no longer a progression and just aligned with the
specific chassis.


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> I found myself wondering about the name "S4" the other day, and though
> that someone here would probably know the answer to my question.
> My question is: how did Audi come up with the name S4?  I know that
> the model on which the UrS4 is based was labeled the 100, and the
> smaller sedan the 90.  In '95 they switched to the A4/A6 names, so the
> change to S6 in '95 makes sense to me.  But why S4?  I'm pretty sure
> the S is for "Sport."  Is the 4 for 4 doors? 4-wheel drive?  Am I way
> off?  Perhaps I'm overanalyzing and the Audi marketing folks just
> though S4 looked cool.
> Does anyone know?
> Thanks,
> Kris

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