[s-cars] NAC? - Towing Capacity Figures

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at mci.com
Mon Jan 17 14:25:22 EST 2005

Apologies in advance but the knowledge base of the members comprising this
list is unparalleled in my world sooo..


I am looking for a complimentary vehicle to my S6 (ahah, Audi content) and
am looking at mid-size SUVs (4Runner, Pilot, Montero, etc) for hauling and
towing (2500 lbs worth of Waverunners) capability.  The max payloads do not
differ much but the towing capacity ranges from 2000 lbs (Montero) to 5000
lbs (4Runner).  The horsepower/torque specs really do not differ that much
across the power trains.  With all that said, how do manufacturers determine
towing capacity?  Is there an actual formula mandated by the feds or is
there a significant degree of marketeering?


Thanks in advance for any insight!





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