[s-cars] Turbo resetting, lost boost...

matt ludwig matt.ludwig2 at verizon.net
Wed Jan 19 18:41:45 EST 2005

a bunch of things come to mind,

but have you (or your cousin) checked any of the intake hoses? 
specifically the lower IC hose, aka "Michelin Man" hose? if these are 
original hoses, i would suspect a tear in one and when on the boost (as 
your cousins quote illustrates) the increased pressure being leaked is 
causing the ECU to get nervous and shutting things down into "safe" or 
"limp" mode so as to not over-spin the turbo.

i would take the belly pan down or reach down in there after all is 
cooled down, and feel for a tear around the clamp that holds it to the 
crossover tube.

with all that extra boost Minhea is so good about delivering ;), i 
would bet your old hoses (if they are in fact old) got sick of trying 
to contain 21 lbs of boost consistently. but then again, it could be 
one of several other issues as well........


matt ludwig.
1995.5 S6 Avant

On Jan 19, 2005, at 6:29 PM, jjmcvay at juno.com wrote:

> Help!
> I let my cousin borrow my '94 S4 stock except for very recent ECU 
> upgrades (3-bar, Minhea/Robert... woohoo!) for the winter driving 
> school in New Hampshire last weekend after his V8 quattro was out due 
> to a timing belt.  Here is what he says:
> "Left your house, cruised along the highway.  As you
> had witnessed, the car had boost when I left.  About
> 20 minutes down 95, I went to pass a car, just fed in
> throttle in 5th gear.  Car stumbled heavily - on/off
> boost.  For the rest of the ride, car behaved as
> normally aspirated 5 cyl - very little if no boost.
> Next morning, car had boost on my way to work.  Boost
> all the way through weekend, on ride home again in 5th
> gear, fed in throttle and no boost - no stumbling this
> time, either.  When I stopped to get gas, shut car
> off, after leaving station, car had boost (and for
> rest of ride) although I didn't get heavily into the
> turbo the entire trip - mostly cruising.  Ray
> suggested MAF or crossover pipes, or spark/ignition
> issues.  Not sure."
> Anybody had a similar experience/advice?  The car goes to the mechanic 
> today or tomorrow.  Is it a pipe collapsing with the new boost?  Seems 
> like the computer resets the engine to drive with low boost?  I drove 
> it with crazy boost maybe 5 times since installing upgrades Dec. 22nd 
> without a hitch.
> Thanks,
> Jeremy
> '94 S4
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