[s-cars] Any Linux users? NAC RE: Sharp Zaurus C3000

Konstantine Bogach kbogach at comcast.net
Mon Jan 24 22:40:12 EST 2005


I use Zaurus SL-5500.  My friend is a real nuts and Linux enthusiast, 
and Zaurus software developer.  He bought C3000 next day it was released 
in Japain.  It is very impressive.  I use mine  only for very simple and 
straightforward purposes and really feel I don't need it at all (from 
not standard programs I installed only VNC server.. used once).   I felt 
like it is nice to have Unix shell and keyboard in the pocket but I did 
not put to any good use it yet.
 Advise from my friend to everyone who is not in love with Linux - buy 
something more popular, which has more software available, more 
compatibility features.   For example,  latest Palm + 3rd party software 
= descent GPS (don't remember the cost).  


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