[s-cars] Tiff rules

Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) pkrasusky at ups.com
Tue Jul 5 08:44:39 EDT 2005


Apologies if this has already made it to the list, I'm back from vacay
and not been up on my mail.  No apologies for the NAC cause Tiff rules.

Chris Bangle be damned, I could almost get by his sacrilege with this
one I think 8-).  Wow this looks *fun*.  It even makes Tiff notably
giddy, moreso than his usual Tiffness.


-Paul the 50k I did in my E28 ///M5 resembled this K.

ps.  I returned today to a closed mailbox due to size overload, if you
received a return mail please resend sorry

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