[s-cars] RS6 interest?

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Doubt I would get much for my S6 trade.  Actually I was told by my salesperson that my car came in on trade on a new RS6.
Was BS'ing with the parts guy at local stealership (New Country) and he was saying that those things were hard to move at first but now they cannot get enough of them.  
One pulled up next to me last year and I must say that they really sound nice.
I wonder how long it will take them to drop in value like our cars?  
S8's are another interesting car - at least it looks good.  (Anyone see Ronin last night?)  However if you look over on the A8/S8 AW forum it seems that every other post is about blown tranny's.
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Just in case someone here is interested, there is a 2003 RS6, Daytona
Grey with Vanilla interior, 13k miles, Certified Pre-Owned, at my
work- $74,995.

I won't normally put cars up like this, but considering the RS6 is
relatively rare and hard to find, I thought I'd mention it here.

Is Brett going to ban me now? Pizzo?

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