[s-cars] white smoke

matt ludwig matt.ludwig2 at verizon.net
Wed Jul 13 21:01:21 EDT 2005


i am pretty sure your #2 question is directly proportional to your #1 
question. without being 100% sure, my money is on the bet that you 
should look at how tight the head is on that motor. white smoke, slow 
drinking of the pink stuff and the prior only @ shift leads me to think 
head gasket failure/failing. the smoke at shift indicates when 
compression drops in the motor, so does the seal of the coolant passage 
ways to the head and the residual coolant goes into the compression 
chamber, hence the white smoke.

cody, keith or even wild flyin' pig bill could chime in here w/ more 
expertise i am sure. those are just my initial, studied thoughts. 


matt ludwig.
1995.5 S6 Avant

On Jul 13, 2005, at 8:46 PM, michael musmanno wrote:

> my '93 s4 has a white smoke problem.  is it new turbo time?  when the 
> car has been sitting most of the day, I start it up and some white 
> smoke comes out the exhaust.  it's a decent size puff, then thats it.  
> as I follow behind my wife driving the critter, when she's driving it, 
> no constant smoke, just each time she shifts.  and as she drives the 
> smoke gets less and less, until there is no more smoking.  is the 
> turbo going, or is it something else.  any thoughts/suggestions are 
> greatly appreciated.

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