[s-cars] possible ignition problem

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 20 22:07:28 EDT 2005


I had an idle problem that was cured after I replaced a cracked "T"
shaped "boost" hose underneath the intake manifold, part# 034133367E.
Strangely enough it also seems to have "fixed" my cruise control
problem too!

Just an FYI, you might want to check that hose!

Here is a link to a diagram of the hose in question:


--- binh douglas <binh.douglas at gmail.com> wrote:

> Has anyone had this issue?
>     I have a '95 s6 avant. When the car is at idle, the rpm's 
> occasionally dip below 1000, and pop back up. This doesn't happen all
> the time, but occasionally.  However, there are times when the rpms
> dip 
> so low that the car stalls. This only occurs when I am coming to stop
> before the car has warmed up in the mornings. I live in FL, so it 
> doesn't take long. Another symptom its been having is under high
> boost, 
> it seems to sputter a little as if there is a possible leak somewhere
> or as if the car is mis-firing. If I back off of the gas a little, it
> goes away. the problem seems to be amplified when I use the A/C. Does
> anyone have any suggestions as to what this might be?
> Thanks,
> Binh
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