[s-cars] Unlocatable fuel-like smell

Jerry Scott jerryscott at wispertel.net
Thu Jul 21 17:32:22 EDT 2005

This is normal for cars that use oxygenated (alcohol added) fuels.  The 
alcohol boils in this hot weather and builds pressure in the tank that 
will vent off until the liquid cools.  This can result in what appears 
to be poor mileage during the dog days of summer, like today in Denver, 

Wayne Dohnal wrote:

> I've been noticing and chasing a similar gasoline smell for years.  At 
> first I feared the under hood fuel leak, but it's not that.  I've also 
> feared a leaking fuel line under the car but I've never been able to 
> find a drip or wet spot.
> The smell shows up soon after parking the car.  It's more noticable on 
> a hot day.  The closest I can locate it is the right rear wheel well 
> area.  There is a vapor discharge line that terminates in that area, 
> and I've concluded that it is probably the source.  But I still keep 
> looking for a drip or wet spot near the fuel lines.  The smell is 
> really strong sometimes and is a real attention grabber.
> Wayne Dohnal
> 1994 S4
>> I have noticed over the past week a sometimes faint/sometimes strong 
>> odor
>> emanating from the car (95.5 S6).  It usually occurs when the car is 
>> stopped
>> or after I shut her off in the garage.  I keep looking but am unable to
>> locate it's source - someone suggested that it could be the cat's but I
>> don't think it's that type of smell - sometimes it's very much like 
>> fuel and
>> other times I think it might be freon or brake fluid.

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