[s-cars] Unlocatable fuel-like smell

LL - NY larrycleung at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 21:58:32 EDT 2005

Do the C4's use a rubber line between the filler and the tank like 
the 4KQ's? That's what caused the smell in my 4000.


On 7/21/05, Kaehly, Michael T, CMO <mkaehly at att.com> wrote:
> I have noticed over the past week a sometimes faint/sometimes strong odor
> emanating from the car (95.5 S6).  It usually occurs when the car is stopped
> or after I shut her off in the garage.  I keep looking but am unable to
> locate it's source - someone suggested that it could be the cat's but I
> don't think it's that type of smell - sometimes it's very much like fuel and
> other times I think it might be freon or brake fluid.
> Anybody experience something similar or know what I might check?
> Thanks All!!!
> Michael
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