[s-cars] Mixture Adaption

Paul Gailus gailus at mindspring.com
Fri Jul 22 00:21:31 EDT 2005

This might also be due to a manifold vacuum leak or a leak after
the MAF sensor. Or the MAF sensor internal offset adjustment
is out of whack.

I believe this code means that the adaptation of an additive correction
for the mixture is falling outside the normal range, but has not
yet reached the maximum limit. This correction would be added to
the fuel MAP table output corresponding to the measured air flow.
The O2 sensor provides feedback to adapt these correction values
over a relatively long period of time.

The "Add" correction value is probably more significant at low air
flows, and the "Mul" (multiplicative) correction factor most
important at high air flows.

You might want to try the VAG-COM "Measuring Blocks"
to see if the parameters in display group 00 are in the proper

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> List, The VAG-COM show one fault on my S6 year 96 "00561 - Mixture
> Adaptation 15-00 - Adaption Limit(Add) Not Reached" What fault actually is
> this and Any idea where should I start with?
> Many thanks,
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