[s-cars] HVAC Code 22.5

Vincent Fregeac vfregeac at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 24 11:41:16 EDT 2005

I just had my A/C repaired, partially, the dryer being still clogged but a
new one is on it's way to be installed. Meanwhile, the A/C was still
working, at an higher pressure than usual so I used it only when moving, not
in traffic. It worked perfectly for 3 days then, code 22.5 on the HVAC
controller and the A/C don't want to turn on anymore. The manual says "A/C
Refrigerant High Pressure Switch, 120X Open". I'm quite sure the switch is
not open but the code comes from the high pressure caused by the dryer. But
the question is, what's the 120X? Is it a different switch?

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