[s-cars] What's it worth?? 90/90 20vt

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Yup, i agree here too. Just to solidfy the reasoning here, there are no 
major roadblocks to completion... nothing trick or custom that you'd have to 
fab or pay high $$$ to finish. Largely it's just reassembling the interior 
and perhaps mounting odds and ends (yes, some of which may need a little 
creative thinking and minimal expense). I'm not above parting the whole 
thing out, but the sad part would be the person who did all the work... the 
way it was done. It's as professional as anyone could do, not some 
hack/tap/twist sort of thing. A good 200 hours were spent on running and 
splicing in the wiring harness alone. As far as any suprises about hwat 
needs to be done to complete, naaa... nothing huge . I know what needs to be 
done and other than some minor sorting, it's cut and dry. Anyway, thanks to 
all for the input, just trying to figure out what my next move is with the 
car. Why would i sell a car that's nearing completion? I had bought a near 
mint 94 S4 the other year, chipped it and enjoy the living poop out of it. 
It has satisfied my need for a quick turbo AWD car. Suddenly i find the 90tq 
project not as enticing...
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Gotta agree with Kent on this one- a project car is definitely not
worth the sum of its parts. Most people hate buying unfinished project
cars for a bunch of reasons:

-the car has a major hurdle to cross in order to finish it, one that
the seller does not want to cross
-the car is essentially a total POS until it's finished
-it is unknown to the buyer exactly what is involved to finish the project
-unless it is something like Brandon Hull's eS2, which was basically
an OEM conversion, project cars often have undesirable (to the buyer)
customization of parts

Because of these reasons, it is very difficult to sell a project car.

I'd say either sell it to the buyer as a finished piece or part it out
and sell the pieces.


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