[s-cars] Re: Sources for C4 Mudflaps

Harold McComas HaroldMcComas at comcast.net
Thu Jun 2 13:09:17 EDT 2005

Euro Rear mudflaps might not fit on US cars due do  to different body. On my 
fathers old '86 Audi 5000s  he bought Euro rear  mud flaps for the car while 
he was stationed in Germany ( he was in the AF). The inside lip of the rear 
fender had a "L" shape where the Euro Audi just ended in an edge. ( I know 
bad description) The mudflaps would not fit the US car until after some 
creative trimming.

'96 S6
 with new OEM  Platinum floor mats front and rear

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> Larry:  I got mine recently from IMPEX FAP (http://www.worldimpex.com).
> The Audi P/N is 4A0 075 110 A.
> I paid $66 delivered.  They are great.  I bought them for the front
> and I just bought more for the back.  I am told that you can use the
> front flaps for the back with only minor modifications.  I think the
> back mud flaps were/are a euro only thing.
> Mike

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