[s-cars] Free Pizza and other list excitement...

Darin Nederhoff editor at s-cars.org
Mon Jun 6 14:39:36 EDT 2005

OK you S-CARS Nutsos.... listen up!  ;-)

It appears that while I was away you guys decided to throw a party.  I
should have known something would be coming down the pipe since things have
been fairly calm on the list lately.  The list is a lot like a volcano is
seems...  it smolders, gets hot, and blows up from time before things return
to "relative" normal again.  

Dan Simoes owns Audifans and is nice enough to let the S-Car List reside
here.  Ultimately, what Dan says goes. Many of you know that Brett Dikeman
has been a long time volunteer helping out at Audifans as well and while
he's not been active in terms of moderation on the S-List in the past it
doesn't mean that he can't step in from time to time and make a point.  In
the event that Dan, Brett, or myself ever address the list please try to
respect the point(s) being made.  If you don't agree with something you're
more than welcome to drop me a line off list.  The rules aren't here so we
can play Gestapo... it just helps keeps things running smoothly (usually!)
The advertising on list situation is not a new thing.  The list rules do
discourage it although I've been pretty laissez faire on it as long as it
didn't get out of hand.  I don't object to the occasional post from a member
mentioning a car he/she saw for sale somewhere as a heads-up.  I would
prefer that outright classifieds (i.e. - I am selling my S4, here are the
details) be posted in either the Audifans marketplace or the S-Car
Classifieds.  The marketplace is free and as of today the S-Car Classifieds
are now free as well.  
Audifans Marketplace - http://www.audifans.com/marketplace/browse.php 
S-CARS.ORG - http://www.s-cars.org/postnuke/  
(S-Classifieds direct link:  http://classifieds.s-cars.org/classifieds.php )


While Pizzo's twisted wit and sarcasm is often celebrated on this list (like
I say, we're an ODD group) there are times when it might be best to use some
restraint.  Things sort of snowballed into a sarcastic tag team effort
between the list and Brett and that is a no win situation.

OK, but what about the Pizzo ban?  Well, it will remain in effect ALTHOUGH
it is only a temporary thing.  The initial ban is set for one week although
we'll see if Pizzo gets off a little early for good behavior.  Besides...
freeing him now would only kill the sales of those Free Pizzo t-shirts (ya
In closing... hey, it is over.  Relax.  Play nice with others or just play
with yourself.  (Not a word out of you guys on that one!)  ;-)

Darin Nederhoff

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