[s-cars] CPS gone...hall sensor question

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Hi James,

Appreciate it if you could send pics, but to my work e-mail which you should have.

So here is where I am with research. HKZ101 is now not available as an off the shelf component. Many older euro cars have these devices fitted to the distributor, not the cap as I originally thought. The newer Audis and VWs, and probably others too, have very cheap CPS' in comparison to the S-car. I have found these devices are electrically equivalent to the HKZ101 - they are similar to the Honeywell 2AV54 device.

The CPS for a 2000 Golf costs about $60 so I'm going to pick up one of these and try in my S6 - I'll check the part numbers first for equivalency.

96 S6

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> Tony, I bought mine from www.germanautoparts.com for $89 a few years back, unless the price has changed dramatically it should be cheaper than what you listed below.
> The dealer part number is correct: 034 905 161
> I think the Bosch part number is: 0 232 101 020
> I have pics of my install if you need them...
> Cheers, /Jamu.
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> Hi learned group,
> May CPS has given up the ghost and and looking to replace the hall sensor.
> My research shows that the device used, the Siemens HKZ101 hall effect vane
> sensor, ws discontinued in 1998. BUT, further research also found that it is
> used in many other cars like the distributor cap of the 5000QT.
> Can anyone confirm that a 5000QT distributor cap really does have the HKZ101
> (or HKZ121) hall sender in it, cos these are really cheap. New CPS from
> dealer is c$414.
> And contrary to what Igor thinks, unfortunately CPS' can blow even though
> there are no moving parts - it's semiconductor.
> Tony
> 96 S6
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