[s-cars] benefits of preloading

mlp mlped at qwest.net
Fri Jun 17 12:12:10 EDT 2005

Oh Bill, you poor, poor man.  You don't WANT TO GO (at least with your
unburied wallet in hand) ANYWHERE near anything with "mance" in its title
name/description...... :-)  

I see from the photo Mance is hiding all the other GF** parts that you don't
want to know about that could be fit to your car, $1000 at least dual, if
not 6+ way adjustable remote mount shock absorbers; titanium +xx valves,
springs and retainers and more.   You poor, poor man.  There's masticated,
and then there is Hapersized, and then in its final, terminal manifestation,

Surely this must be a FALC*** posting?


** Go Fast
*** Friday Afternoon Laugh Club

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>Gearing up for the increasingly popular Sfest~ival of nothing, 
>I have ordered one of these from alexVanG $271 delivered IIRC: 
>http://tinyurl.com/75h52 I'm a sucker for anything to do with 
>bars or preloading. Bill ~now convinced the car is never done~ M
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