[s-cars] Plug gap

Matthew Russell skippertgore at msn.com
Mon Jun 20 13:06:30 EDT 2005

Bob - I could be wrong about this, but these plugs should technically 
NOT have the gap adjusted.  They're preset from Bosch and unless some 
handling monkey dropped them on the floor should not be messed with.
(personally, i'd get another new plug if i discovered that to be the 

If you have one that is much greater than the other 4, or if (IMHO) 
they've seen 25,000 miles or more - just replace them all.

Bosch's website backs some of this info up.  They also don't give a gap 
spec, or have a decipherable "code" that would dictate what the gap 
should be near as i can find.

(flame suit on)
-Matt, CO
92 s4

On Monday, June 20, 2005, at 08:24  AM, s-car-list-request at audifans.com 
> Hi Y'all,
> I thought I'd check the gap for the F5PDOR plugs and readjust if
> necessary.  Well, in order to do that one needs information about the
> proper gap.  Guess what -  Bentley, the Family Album, and the owner's
> manual (none of them) appear to contain gap settings information.  At 
> least
> I was unable to find it anywhere.
> The present plugs (soon to be replaced) show virtually identical gaps 
> of
> 0.017 inches (or ~0.043 mm) but this looks to be a bit close.  Center
> insulators are uniformly barely off-white and look good.
> Can someone provide a proper plug gap value?
> Bob
> Http://Chips-Ur-S.com

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