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hello all- been lurking for a while and finally decided to chime in even 
prior to my s6 being back on the road.... if you were to paint any bumper 
the flex agent will do nothing to aid the paint in adhering to the textured 
surface. flex agent  "evaporates" to use this term out of the paint over the 
course of several days after application.  the flex agent only helps the 
paint  be temporarely more flexible to aid in re install. i just painted 
both of my bumpers and all was fine with no flex agent. the prep of the part 
( sanding and the use of good self etching primer will probably do the trick 
to help with adhesion.
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> I looked into this quite a bit when needing to replace my front bumper on 
> my '93 S4.
> From what I was able to determine after examining ETKA, the microfiche at 
> the local Audi dealer, and exchanging lots of email with various people 
> and parts suppliers, it does appear that you are able to mount a S6 bumper 
> skin onto a S4.  It is possible though that some of the earlier S4 models 
> might need newer mounting clips for each fender.
> That said, I was not actually able to find a S6 bumper skin to test fit to 
> my S4, so it may be possible that there are some unforeseen snags.
> As far as I know only one person has done a "S6 conversion" on their S4, 
> and in that case he replaced not only the front bumper, but the hood and 
> the two front fenders as well.  I'll have to see if I can find the URL for 
> his web site.  At the moment who it was escapes me.
> The down side is that a new bumper skin for the S6 is more expensive than 
> the skin for the S4, and that's quite a chunk of change to experiment 
> with.  Trying to find a used bumper skin is *very* hard.  They are rare. 
> I looked for a used bumper skin at a reasonable price for two years before 
> finding a used S4 bumper in good shape.  By that point I was happy to find 
> any bumper skin and gave up on trying to fit a S6 bumper.  At this point 
> I'm planning on just painting the entire S4 bumper to match the car so it 
> looks more or less like a S6 bumper (I personaly prefer the "body 
> coloured" look on the S6 rather than the "black stripe" look on the S4). 
> By adding enough flex to the paint and using a good primer, the paint 
> should adhere nicely to the black rubber of the bumper without cracking.
> One final note.  I hope you like emerald green, 'cause if you are able to 
> find a used bumper skin, it will probably be green.  Mind you, you'll 
> probably want to paint it anyways.
> -Dave
> manuel wrote:
>>Are all the front bumper skins for the UrS4 and UrS6 interchangeable? 
>>Cosmetically and structurally?
>>95.5 S6 Avant
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