[s-cars] Windshield Replacement

Marc Gorelick marc at frogville.net
Fri Jun 24 21:49:05 EDT 2005

Greg, et. al.:

I had my original Audi windshield replaced with PPG glass last year. I 
was highly satisfied with the quality of the glass; there were a couple 
of very slight optical imperfections that you really had to look for but 
overall I thought it was a great windshield. About the only thing 
different that I noticed between the PPG and Audi glass is that the PPG 
seems to have a slightly larger area covered by the little black dots 
that surround the perimeter of the glass (for which I am sure there is a 
technical term), which took a little while to get used to. Best of all, 
the replacement was 100% free due to my insurance company's (Farmers) 
glass coverage.

Sadly, I now need another replacement since I was hit by a rock again 
last week. Grrr!  I have requested PPG glass again, from the same 

Damnable Michigan roads.


Greg Johnson wrote:

>Drove my '93 S4 through a construction zone yesterday and came out
>with a cracked windshield. The local glass shop is tells me they use
>PPG glass ("the best in America"). Any BTDT and what did you pay?
>Greg J
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