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Robert Rossato r0ssat0_987 at att.net
Wed Jun 29 21:33:13 EDT 2005

While Audi states that there is only a high pressure service port, which
is probably more to discourage folks from recharging their own systems,
there are two Schrader valves on the low pressure side that should allow
you to recharge the system.  One is on the compressor itself (Zexel
compressors only, which I think were used until '96) and the other is
under the F73 low pressure switch.  The Schrader valve under the low
pressure switch allows you to change the switch without compromising the
system.  Remove the switch and you have a service port available.

The Bentley manual actually tells you to use this port on the R12
systems to check pressures and recharge the system.  On the R134A
systems a high pressure service port was added to the condenser and that
is "supposed" to be where you discharge/recharge from.

I'm certainly no A/C expert so I don't know if there are any technical
reasons you can't service the R134A system from the low pressure service
port under the low pressure switch.  Usual disclaimers apply.


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> Eric,
> Good info... The question is, how do you force feed an UrS 
> refrigerant,  
> since it only has high side ports?  Since I replaced my 
> engine, the A/C has  
> discharged... probably from moving the components around too 
> much.  So I  will need 
> to figure it out.  I'm thinking my only option for making it  
> servicable in 
> the future is to modify the low side line to incorporate a  
> port.  I have all 
> the equipment... hoses, vacuum pump, etc... but no way to  
> get t in there.
> Anyone got any other bright ideas?
> Dave

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