[s-cars] EDL fails (but my new 22's worked great!)

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Lost signal to my satellite link so I was unable to return posts to
my previous start to this thread. Several lister's asked what tires
I had when I got stuck, they are (if you believe tires.com) "Viking" 
H-rated snows, supposedly made by Continental, which I bought
in sort of an emergency on an emergency budget, size 205/55-16 
'cuz thats the smallest that would fit. That said, I still agree with
Taka, I think comparatively, EDL was the cheap way out of providing
us with a switch and the corresponding wiring, for a locking rear
diff. I still think I would've had little trouble with my 200 up that same
hill, although due to the diff in tires, it would not be an apples to apples

As for my 4KQ, it would've plowed right up the hill with both diffs locked,
but the tires are comparatively tiny (185/65-14) AND it probably would've
killed the Kamei front spoiler the P.O. had installed on the car.....

LL - NY (missing the old 4KQ right now)

On Tue, 1 Mar 2005 13:22:31 -0500, Toborg Michael (AC-SM/ESC5)
<Michael.Toborg at us.bosch.com> wrote:
> Ow, right 95.5.
> I believe you on the lack of ability in deep snow with the EDL as
> compared with the locker. I think cost is the big factor. They put 2
> more valves in the ABS unit and take out the locker and the switch to
> control it.
> The traction control systems in passenger vehicles don't really do that
> well in deep snow. There was a vergleichstest-allroad-quattro.avi video
> a while back that showed a few cars going up a ski slope. I think the
> Audi hunter(?) and one of the SUV's Toyota(?) have some more off road
> logic in the traction control system that allows different percentages
> of wheel slip. Most of the development for pass car traction/abs systems
> is done on already packed snow and polished ice, not deep stuff.
> Right, the G class has locker diffs that shut of ESP when they are
> activated. I think the Jeep Rubicon edition has lockers in it but am not
> 100%.
> Keep driftin'
> Mike
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> Mike-
> No ESP on a '95 S6. The EDL system is supposed to keep wheelspin to a
> minimum, but many listers have mentioned a lack of capability in deep
> snow.
> I've had a similar experience with the old '99.5 A4- EDL didn't really
> do anything when you're in really deep snow. I've been in much deeper
> snow with the 5ktq, locked the center and rear diffs and was able to
> just drive out. Can't do that with the newer cars.
> I've seen the same in the 4kq- nearly unstoppable in the snow.
> The newer systems are a lot more transparent in regular driving, but
> IMO, I have not seen a more effective system in deep snow or similar
> low-traction surfaces as locking diffs.
> At least with the Subaru, I can lock the center, making it a bit more
> capable than the current Audi system, although I need real snow tires-
> 225 width NRWs doesn't cut it on a 3200 lb. car.
> Time to get an FJ80 TLC turbodiesel manual- triple locking diffs, wish
> they had them here.
> Only vehicle I can think of that's currently for sale with triple
> lockers as a factory installed standard or optional equipment is the
> MBZ G class. Toyota stopped with the FJ80, none of the lesser models
> have anything even close, I don't think even Jeep offers any such
> option, although IIRC a locker rear is available. I doubt Land Rover
> has a system like that any longer. Locking diffs on a road car seem to
> be a thing of the past.
> Taka

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