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Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) WQQ2PXK at ups.com
Tue Mar 15 10:50:40 EST 2005

Gabriel clutched:

<<<My question is, how much extra
force compared to stock is required for the Centerforce clutch.  I get
annoyed very easily in heavy traffic and I don't want to lower my
boiling point by the added annoyance of an ultra-heavy clutch.  My car
is no track queen.  Thanks so much in advance for dealing with another
clutch question.  I truly appreciate and value your comments.  To
summarize, I am leaning towards a stock replacement clutch, but if the
Centerforce doesn't require too much more effort I am willing to try it.

Gabriel Caldwell>>>

Pedal pressure on either Centerforce or SPEC is as close to stock as I
can describe.  If it's any heavier, the car coulda used a tad more feel
to the clutch as it were so, bonus.  It's so slight if at all you'd
acclimate immediately.  The 2 Sachs Sport / Sport Q FW cars I drove were
notably heavier clutches, not offensive, not even remotely, just a bit
heavier than the other perf. clutches and a bit bit more than OE, that's

Now, I'm compelled to point out another seldom discussed aspect of a
perf. clutch instead of OE.

Clutching a car to the road, done right, is a feeling like no other.  It
is a direct connection point, a source of input, feedback, etc. like any
other in the car (brakes / tires).  Add a strong sticky clutch to that
mix and you have yourself a very balanced enjoyable car you can screw
right down into the road, dialed right in.  I can't explain it any
better than that.  It's just a variable that needs to be there to have a
car be complete.  Nothing like banging through seemless upshifts or
catching the car through massive decelerative heel / toed downshifts via
the 'right' clutch.  Nothing (screw you SMG or the like!).  Nothing.

And further rant, I for one am insulted at the feel dual ass flywheels
provide (drive any LuK equipped P car).  They suck for feel, suck for
feedback, suck suck suck suck suck suck suck.  But hey that's just me.
Couple the clutch with a LWFW and oh momma the car feels damn f'n GOOD.
Esp. with the right software, need not go RS2.  Come to //SFest '05
should there be one and Serge my car and see fer yerself 8-).  Flywheel
chatter bedamned (I hear there are non-NEA ones that chatter less?).  

It all depends of course what you want out of your car, how you drive
it, and how you like it.  The way above fits me like a Jimmyhat over a
boostinduced chubrock.

My useless.


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