[s-cars] Re: Man with Headphones (i.e. Brake Pad Warning)

LL - NY larrycleung at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 13:35:39 EST 2005

Hello List,

Is there any way that VAG-COM can have auto check ignore the low
brake pad warning on the UrS's? With the weather finally breaking, and
being that I was actually on pavement instead of mud, I finally got to 
rejumpering the sensor wiring, only to find that the jumpers are fine, so
there must be a break (no pun intended) somewhere further up the line
that I don't have the time to find. If not VAG-COM (of course I need the 
time to ressurect my Microsoft dead laptop), are there any other ways
of defeating the man w/headphones logo and beeper? He's driving me 
nuts everytime I start the car....


LL - NY 

BTW, curiousity question rather than important. A friend's daughter's
Toyota Corolla 1.8 L FWD just threw a rod in the second engine put in
the car. It's dead. We're (the adults) are curious how could the
second engine have failed, none of us recall that particular engine
having a bad rep. The daughter CLAIMS to have changed the oil
regularly, we're not sure....

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