[s-cars] Boost probs Urs4

iain.atkinson at tesco.net iain.atkinson at tesco.net
Sun Mar 20 14:54:09 EST 2005

Several questions i am afraid folks, and i am sure this has been a million times before (not for me anyhow).

1. What do other people see on there UrS4/6 stock ecu no other mods, i am getting 1.7 bar max, (and saw once 1.8) sjm's site suggests it should be 2.1bar, i am at sea level btw.

2. Does fuel pressure affect boost pressure somehow??

3. In my search for this missing boost, i have done the following
replaced michelin man hose
replaced wgfv and diverter or bypass valve
pulled the codes, nothing wrong there
checked all the other hoses for splits and lose clips (non found) and replaced several rather tired hoses clips along the way mostly on the crankcase vent system.

Checked wastegate diaphragm for splits and tears (non found).

Moisture trap cleaned and new hose clips fitted

Pressure tested inlet system by taking off maf hose, plugging isv hose, plugging turbo inlet to camshaft cover hose, plugging wgfv hoses, inlet pipe was still connected to turbo this was tested to to 18psi or just over 1 bar before my test plug from the maf shot out of the hose and ended up in my neighbours garden (even the other half heard the pop in the house!!)

Car drives fine no bucking or sudden loss of power, pulls fine all the way into the redline if i want it too. 

Only other thing to say is that when i had the wastegate cap off under the spring seat i found a very thin nut, obviously put there by someone to improve things and the screw has been turned well down. I have tried another ecu too this made no difference either. Talk about frustrated, sheesh.



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