[s-cars] Running Rich: Help with Fault Code

Brian Powell powellb at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 20:02:33 EST 2005


Thanks for the data point. I have a message in to Mihnea about this
issue; however, with his move to the UK, it has been tough to reach
him. Hopefully, before long, I can get him to tune in person.

My mileage has been crappy too. I would think that the O2 control loop
would still be able to dial it back more....

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 19:57:00 -0500, Tom Mullane <tmullane at snet.net> wrote:
> Brian,
> Mihnea likes fuel.  My S6 with the same set runs very rich.  I was alarmed
> at first, but I have gotten used to it.  Marc Swanson logged a bunch of
> air/fuel data trying to sort out a different car, and found the MRC chip to
> be based toward rich.  My Stromung tips are encased in a layer of protective
> soot.
> Tom
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> Greetings, my car has been running rich of late. I had an oldish O2 sensor
> in there, so, I replaced with a universal (I didn't pull codes before this).
> After 10 days, it is still acting the same way, so I plugged in VAG-COM and
> got the following fault code:
> 00537  - Lambda (Oxygen Sensor) Regulation
>          11-10 - Control Limit Not Reached - Intermittent
> So, a new (spliced) O2 sensor and this is there. Granted, it could be left
> over from the previous O2 sensor; however, things are still rich.
> The tailpipe is blackened and the plugs are sooty.
> Any ideas?
> BTW, I have an RS2 setup with 37# injectors and MRC software. I am also at
> altitude (Denver).
> --
> Cheers,
> Brian


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