[s-cars] Nutz

Keith Maddock keith.maddock at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 12:41:30 EST 2005

Robert Myers <Bob at chips-ur-s.com> wrote:
> Climbed in the car at about 7 AM, fired up the engine, and turned on the
> headlights.  Came up with high beams on.  Flipped the dimmer switch and the
> lights went out.  Flipped back to high beams.  Lights stayed out.  Turned
> off lights completely and then turned them back on.  High beams came on and
> we repeat the process.  No low beams at all and high beams only after a
> fresh start.  The lights worked just fine last night.


I had some sporatic problems with my low/high beams on my 93 S4 a
couple years ago.  Turns out the internal bits of the swtich were
sticking.  A lister suggested I try a shot of WD40 into the switch
before taking my column apart.  Worked like a charm.

Now if only fixing my "spun" #2 rod bearing was as easy......


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