[s-cars] Speaking of LLtek...Saw my first real front spoiler and I have some questions.

Dave Forgie forgied at ae.ca
Sat Mar 26 23:53:58 EST 2005

The LLtek RS2-type lower front valence spoiler looks very nice in "person"  better than in Jamu's photos (no offense James).  Now I am interested but I have some questions:

1.  The owner had some previous bumper curb damage (bottom of the OEM bumper cover was gone).  When the LLtek front valence was applied the body shop trimmed even more of the OEM cover away.  Is that correct?  I thought you could just apply the valence over an untrimmed OEM bumper cover.  

2.  IF you do have to trim the bottom of the OEM away, is there now more room for a FMIC?  The reason I ask is because if you go to the French RS2 website (home of some interesting articles - some in English):


and then select "prospectus" (brouchures) tab at the top

and then select from the list:  "Information produit (allemand)"

The third jpg shows how they tucked the RS2 FMIC right in the lower grill, seemingly BELOW the bumper support, i.e. no cutting.

Has anybody tried this?

Dave F.

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