[s-cars] door locks and alarm out of sync

michael musmanno mmusmanno at comcast.net
Sun Mar 27 20:32:19 EST 2005


I have a weird one.  yesterday I did the usual ir lock when leaving the 
critter and went in to a store, when I returned back, used the ir and 
unlocked the car.  when I got in and tried the ignition, I got nothin'.  
I got out and the alarm went off.  then I put the key in the lock and it 
stopped.  for some reason when I lock the vehicle the alarm is turned 
off and when I unlock the car, the alarm activates.  also, in side when 
I push the bottom of the door lock button, which normally locks the 
doors, it unlocks them and when I press the top part, it locks them.  as 
if the system is doing the exact opposite of what I need it to do.  has 
anyone had this problem and know what is wrong and how to fix it?


'93 s4
'01 a6 4.2

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