[s-cars] radiator fan works without relays!?

Konstantine Bogach kbogach at comcast.net
Sun Mar 27 23:52:56 EST 2005

My S4 '98 developed a problem  - radiator fan works non-stop.  Today I 
finally found time to look into it (I drive 200tqa '89 last 3 month).   
Hooked up battery charger - it runs, unplugged radiator temp switch - it 
runs.  Left it unplugged.  Removed relay 2 - it runs,  plugged it 
back.   Removed relay 3 - it runs !!!!    Looking at the electric schema 
on the Bentley CD I am totallly puzzled.   It shows two motors 
actually.  Is it 2 stators in one case?  Anyway, they both are powered 
through relays 2 and 3.  I did not try to remove both relay at the same 
time, but all sensors except radiator switch can close either one or 
another relay and the rad. switch was unplugged.  So, sequential removal 
should be sufficient, according to the schema.     Can it be that my car 
has different wiring than CD?


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