[s-cars] Stebel horn

Robert Rossato r0ssat0_987 at att.net
Mon Mar 28 07:03:39 EST 2005

This article hit our local paper yesterday (No, I'm not in MN.  Just
first link I could find.).


Paul, apparently the Stebels are just, uhm, ahh.... training horns.

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> <strug_gling for restraint> mu-ha_ahAHA-ah-ha...   MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
> Stebel horns are, hmmm:
> A) 	locomotive
> 2) 	wrong
> iii) 	so very wrong
> d) 	farquing ludicrous
> five) 	looney toonesque aka Acme uberultra wow
> VI) 	all of the above
> muwhahahahhaa.  Ah ha.  Ah haaaaa...
> Esp. throughout the streets of downtown.  Dangerous.  Um, 
> they are, uh,
> 'heard'.  Yes.  Not to mention parking garage.  Shouldn't be legal.
> Isn't.
> For the record, Perron and Rossato (oddly dismantling my 0kq donor car
> even with me absentia?) also passed muster...  they too were heard all
> the way across my garage in hysterics through the cell phone 
> sitting in
> front of the car on the ground.  Makes me feel more normal at 
> least.  Or
> something.
> FWIW blah blah blah $5 off runs off this week
> http://makeashorterlink.com/?E2DB311BA, mention me to Andrew Fekete if
> you wanty.  No affiliation other than my $5 off and a 
> gigantic FU device
> now successfully mounted.
> -Paul what better way to give an enormous fu  K.

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