[s-cars] RE: Looking for close-ups of Lltek lower side

Serge Filanovsky s6serge at verizon.net
Mon Mar 28 11:16:12 EST 2005

Going by memory here (danger, danger!!) I recall paying less than $200 for
all 4  bottom-door-rubbers from Blau. Surprisingly, my local mechanic has
been good on OE parts prices, so I'll  ask him what he can do for a set of
4, and report my findings.

Serge Filanovsky

95.5 S6 Avant


> It's tough to get too excited when they're $444 plus painting, and that
> doesn't even get the culprit of the rubber molding pieces at the bottoms of
> the doors. Mine are cracking, and they're like 100 bucks each at blau. We'd
> be looking at a grand easy.
> If they can put together a group purchase to get them out of their stock, I
> might well be interested
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> Subject: [s-cars] RE: Looking for close-ups of Lltek lower side
>> Obligatory responses to Krasuskiness side drooling:
>> 1. Easy to install? pretty much, yes, although I didn't do it myself
> (since I work 5 min drive away from LLTEK). They screw in place in front and
> back, it hold very sturdy and has cut outs for the mounting jacks.
>> 2. As for cost, I don't know exactly...you will have to check with them. I
> think they where disappointed the sides didn't have the same interest as the
> front piece so I believe it's been a loss for them so far, I'm sure they'd
> love to hear someone do a GP.  Since I left them my car for an extended
> period of time so they could use as a guinea pig (literally), they cut me a
> deal... :-)
>> LLTEK recently asked me if the list wanted them to develop a rear wing
> (ala RS6 plus style), as there was one posted on AW that was that really
> nice, very understated... much lower profile than the OEM one. Still waiting
> to hear if the one posted on AW was a one off or will it be available in the
> future... otherwise LLTEK said they could make it.
>> Cheers, /Jamu.
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>> Jimbo enlightened:
>> <<<Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 16:20:37 -0600
>> From: "James Murray (QA/EMC)" <james.murray at ericsson.com>
>> Subject: RE: [s-cars] Looking for close-ups of Lltek lower side
>> I guess I'm one of the only few that has this right now... so I'll try to
>> answer your questions.
>> This product fits snug under the lower door trim sill, it will not replace
>> it (looks OEM once installed!).
>> Cheers, /Jamu.>>>
>> Dammit.  Looks like I just (er 2 yrs. ago) 'found' another upgrade
> 'opportunity' (yeah that's the ticket) then.  Whoops.  I never really put
> 2+2 together (well I did but got 3) when I saw yours last summer (stunning).
>> I now see from looking at your install pics, um, er, uh, duh, those sexy
> units cover the entire lower sill...  the lower sill that sorta resembles a
> pancake (allegedly) on my front pass area.  Hmmmm...  these would hide that
> well (only trained eye can see, fortunately Jen's not up to task).  Rockers
> don't like sideways traveling Titanic Icebergs no they do not.
>> Obligatory next 2 Q's for ya James...  ease of install / cost of items?
> Do tell do tell.  I'll have to await some other stupid minivaned soccer mom
> to back into another bumper to cover them but hey that's just a matter of
> time now isn't it.
>> -Sgt. what battle scar(s)? Shultz
>> ps. doubt these would hide the ills of the Ur4kq tho, ah well can't be
> THAT easy
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