[s-cars] Stebel horn

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Mon Mar 28 11:21:43 EST 2005

Earlier, Robert Rossato wrote:
> This article hit our local paper yesterday (No, I'm not in MN.  Just
> first link I could find.).
> http://www.duluthsuperior.com/mld/duluthsuperior/news/nation/11007028.htm
> Paul, apparently the Stebels are just, uhm, ahh.... training horns.

Yeah, I agree with Bob.  I ordered a Stebel to see what it was.  I can
use it on a motorcycle if nothing else.

My reaction - It's very wimpy.  Barely better than the Fiamm air horns
for $19.95 at local auro parts stores.  More compact, but not much

Here's a collection of air horn URLs, some that you guys just wrote
about and a couple from other sources.  The last URL on my list is
a horn designed to vibrate scale off the insides of boilers - and will
probably vibrate the paint off the doors of that guy that pulled 
out in front of you.  Here's the list:


I've been running air horns on my Dodge pickup, and currently have a
Hadley Horns from JC Whitney (pn: 14UD9033W $279.99) which is Hadley
Bully Series Kit H00961 EA.  It's a claimed 133 Db, which is loud, but 
not enough.

I've got a dual trumpet Grover horn set, that's 38" long.  It's
not yet installed, the horns won't fit under the hood even on
a full sized pcikup.  It's horn # 1056 on this web page:


The really big problem with all of these is the air supply.  If you
want a LOT of noise, you need a LOT of air.  The Hadley horns on my
truck came with a wimpy compressor and (about) a quart size air tank.
At 130 PSI, it would blow the horns loudly for about 3 seconds.  And
then take a long time to build up pressure again.  The air solenoid
that came with the Hadley set won't pass enough air to even blow
the Grover horns.  After I installed air helper springs on the back
of the truck, I forked over the bucks to get a bigger compressor.
See the Firestone air helper spring site http://www.riderite.com/
for compressor WR1-760-9210.  At 100 PSI it produces .58 CFM.

With a 3 gallon air tank that's not yet installed, it should have
enough capacity to blow the Grover horns real well.  We'll see.
Oh yeah, also using a Grover air solenoid.

By comparison, the ACOUSTI-CLEAN horns (last on the list) need
40 to 80 CFM of air.

    Charlie, Yours to making a louder statement, Smith


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