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Mon Mar 28 22:21:29 EST 2005

I wonder if ROOF mounted Grover's would slow the Evo down?
(then mebee I'd actually be able to catch him!)
Of course, the only wildlife Pizzo would be able to scare off the
roads where he lives is prolly other ricers and their partying friends.

LL - NY S6 "slicktop" 

On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 17:55:51 -0500 (EST), Charlie Smith
<charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org> wrote:
> Earlier, Joe Pizzimenti wrote:
> >
> > Keep in mind that the following comment is coming from a guy that went
> > full RS2 plus on an S-car, took his mother's A6 luxobarge to a track
> > event while awaiting delivery of Jap Econoshitbox wannabe rallycar and
> > upon delivery of said wannabe rallycar, has poured inordinate amounts
> > of money and energy into said depreciating asset:
> >
> > Charlie, you're a sick fuck.
>    Now that I correctly understand that "following comment" meant
>    immediately following comment, and after I stop snickering
>    all I can say is that you're jealous.   :-)
>    For your further enjoyment, I've got to tell you how I came by
>    the dual trumpet Grover horn set.  A couple years ago, I stopped
>    in an auto parts store in Whitehorse, a rather out of the way
>    place, and saw these horns hanging on the wall.  I'd seen them
>    there the year before too.  I was just buying something small,
>    but I was inspired to ask the clerk - just for interest, what
>    are you guys asking for those horns on the wall.  Well, that
>    unleashed his wound up thoughts on those horns.  He started
>    carrying on about those horns had hung there for three years
>    and nobody had even asked about them ...  he then went on to
>    say that I could have them for $100 (Canadian).  With a deal
>    like that I couldn't pass them up!  So after a preliminary
>    honk or two with a direct air line from my shop compressor,
>    they have laid in the garage waiting for the time I can figure
>    out a way to mount them (out of sight) on the truck.
>    And the reason for something like this is to scare animals,
>    like moose, out of the way when I've got a 3500# camper loaded
>    in the truck.  After I saw a semi driver move a moose out of
>    his way on the Alcan highway by using his largish horns I was
>    convinced that that's the way to go.
>    - Charlie
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