[s-cars] Ugh - Smoke from Steering Column - 92S4

Vincent Fregeac vfregeac at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 29 08:55:30 EST 2005

- Removing the steering wheel is not a big job - if you avoid blowing the
air bag in your face. Disconnecting the battery is a wise first move before
you touch the wheel.
- I've once rebuilt a burnt wiper control arm on the 90Q20V so, depending
how far yours is burnt, it may be doable. If not, grab one in a junk yard,
Force5 or Shokan for exemple.
- The relay may be OK, clicking because of a bad contact in the wiper
control arm.
- I would say 2h max if you replace the arm, may be another 1h if you can
rebuild it.


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Well, nothing can go great for too long. The battery on my '92 S4 was too
thin to start the car this morning after sitting for a bunch of days so I
hooked up the battery charger to give it a boost. When I hopped in the car
to start it up, smoke starting coming from the steering column primarily
from the stem controlling the windshield wipers. 
>From what I can tell, the windshield wiper control was in the on 
from when I drove the car last and I suspect it was drawing heavy amps when
the battery was too low to run the wiper motor. Right now, the wipers are
not operating except when you pull the control forward as though you were
spraying washer fluid. Even then the wiper arms will not go back to their
off position on their own.
Further symptoms: a relay under the dash is clicking very rapidly when you
barely touch the windshield wiper control arm. All the other controls on the
arm work normally. The windshield wiper fluid warning light is now on. There
don't appear to be any blown fuses. Why the heck is that?!!
So, what am I looking at to fix this? I'm sure there's some smoked wiring in
the steering column and won't know how extensive till I remove it. 
*	How much trouble is it to get the steering wheel off?
*	What are the odds that I'll need to replace the whole windshield
wiper control arm? Yikes - what do these cost?
*	How is the relay impacting all this - the one making the clicking
noises under the dash?
*	What's my best hope?
It's raining now in Seattle and I need to get moving on this. Your insights
Mike - Burien, WA _______________________________________________
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