[s-cars] Stromung questions, specifically cats vs straight pipe

James Bowes thermobob at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 29 09:16:31 EST 2005

Got rid of the drone completely last night. I went to a friend who works at
a Meineke, and he welded in the new center resonator. We also put in the
cat. I figured that I'd already heard the noisiest the system would be (no
cat, smaller resonator), now I wanted to hear the quietest it would be. When
I head to the track next, I'll put in the test pipe and see what the middle
ground would be. I have to get my car registered in TN, so it's better to
have the cat in for that :)

Results are that I actually wish it was a bit louder. Performance has gone
down a bunch as well. When I had it in the original setup, the boost
threshold and the lag were both lower, and the car felt like it had a lot
more balls. I'm sure a lot of that was the noise, which made the car 'feel'
more powerful.

Anyways, problem solved! Now that I've determined that the first setup was
way too loud and that the second is a touch too quiet, I get to tweak
things! yeah!

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> James-
> I don't know how different Gen 2 was vs. Gen 1, but I had the Gen 1
> (had the bigger resonator, definitely not a Borla XR-1). The drone was
> bad between about 2400-3100rpm.
> I got a Gen 3 rear section from Scott at Stromung- pretty much
> eliminated the drone. This was in a '91 200q, so your S6 should be a
> lot better- much more sound insulation. I've been in S cars with the
> Gen 3 and it's really nice and quiet, no drone.
> The cat will reduce noise levels, but will not kill the drone- the Gen
> 3 bigger rear muffler really helped in that regard.
> Taka
> On Sun, 27 Mar 2005 21:25:02 -0600, James Bowes <thermobob at hotmail.com>
> > Real quick background, just installed my Gen 2 Stromung on my 95.5 S6
> > Workmanship was awesome. I have the smaller center resonator and am
> > the straight pipe, and the noise is really bad. It's what I believe is
> > referred to as 'droning'. Pretty much at all speeds/rpm's. Seems to be
> > mostly the midrange. I have the Magnaflow resonator that Stromung sent
> > to address this issue, and I'm having it welded into place tomorrow
> > work. I hope this solves the 'buzzing', as I sound like a damn rice-boy.
> >
> > Anyways, here's my question... What will installing the cat converter in
> > place of the straight pipe yield in terms of performance and sound? Yes
> > yes I'm concerned about the environment, so we'll leave that out of it
> > now please. First off, how much does the cat help with the noise level,
> > which frequencies would see the most dampening? Second, does the cat
> > the performance much? How so?
> >
> > I'm tempted to leave the straight pipe in and get the new resonator, but
> > I've spent a lot of time rolling around under the car this weekend and I
> > want to be done with it. Fiancee is getting pissed.
> >
> > Thx in advance
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