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you're right about the number of S-cars in VT. I'll bet we've had over a
hundred ur-S 4's and S6's over the years and nearly as many 2.7T S 4 sedans
and a few avants. Now were having fun with the 4.2 S4's, S6 Avants, and S
8's. Still haven't cracked an RS 6 yet,though.. Hope Audi
keeps 'em comin'

One day while coming to work in my '83 TQ Coupe a few years back, I saw
another go buy the other way while passing under a bridge and saw a third
going over the bridge. Could'nt believe it. Can't miss those fender flares.

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OK, sightings are never ever listers, but when you see three in VT
during a weekend getaway you figure maybe, just maybe.

So who was stalking me up in VT all weekend?  Jen took me 'away' for my
bday, was frustrated at the inability to escape 'you folks'!  8-)

-pearl UrS4 MA tags, as I blasted past on 91N nearing exit 6 (refrained
full honk so as not to shatter windows as I passed)
-green UrS4 VT tags, going other direction as I exited exit 6 (brief
-silver UrS6 ? tags, going other direction on Rt. 100 (hi beam flash /

I was in my green UrS6 sedan, tinted windows, xenons (can't miss it).
Poor Jen, no matter how hard she tries she can't pry me away heh heh.
She was quick to point out I'm the only dork that says 'hi' to other
owners and that they never respond.  D'oh.

-Paul giving waves, honks, and hi beam flashes but not seeing much love
in return K.
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