[s-cars] typical questions

Bill Clancy clancybill at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 29 16:35:32 EST 2005

An Uninformed Friend Who Drives a Boring Car, asks -- "Gee, What's the problem with getting the exhaust fixed on your Audi?"   

Me, the S-Car Owner -- "Well, it's really expensive to have worked on and no one makes an exhaust to fit it."  

UFWDBC -- Hmmm, why is that?

Me -- Because it's a special 2.2 turbo and the engine needs special exhaust.  

UFWDBC -- Hmmm, I think my Mom's Dodge Caravan has a 2.2 turbo.   She paid $150 for new exhaust at Midas.   

Me -- ya, ahh...It's not the same thing man.

UFWDBC -- Oh.  OK, sorry.   Tell me again... 

Me -- you see, I drive a German car.    

UFWDBC -- Hmmm, I think my girlfriend just had new exhaust put on her Jetta.  That's a German car right? 

Me -- yes, but...ahh, I drive an "S-Car."   

UFWDBC -- Hmmm, I'm sorry man...I'm just not following you.   Why can't your car be fixed again? 

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