[s-cars] radiator fan works without relays!?

Konstantine Bogach kbogach at comcast.net
Wed Mar 30 00:31:27 EST 2005


Thank you very much for your response.  I don't know how I managed not 
to find this info on SJM site.  I have tried.  SJM also explains why I 
am so puzzled after seeing electric diagrams on Bentley CD -- after run 
system is missing from it.   I will look at the sensor and relay 
tomorrow.  Thanks again.


Paul Gailus wrote:

>It's possible that your after-run relay is bad. This relay turns on the
>auxiliary water pump and also turns on the fan (at low speed)
>when the after-run temperature switch closes.
>You can scroll down on the page from SJM at the link below
>and see a picture of this brown colored after-run relay.
>Try pulling this relay to see if the fan stops. If it stops, then the relay
>may be bad. I have heard of others who've had this relay go bad.
>But before you buy a new relay, you should also try pulling the
>wires off of the after-run temp sensor at the bottom of the coolant
>manifold (under the intake manifold). If the fan stops running, then
>this temp sensor is shorted. One of the 2 wires to this sensor goes
>to 12V, so be careful not to short it to the engine ground.
>If the relay is working properly, the fan should turn on when you
>short these two wires together (but be off when they're not shorted).
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>>My S4 '98 developed a problem  - radiator fan works non-stop.  Today I 
>>finally found time to look into it (I drive 200tqa '89 last 3 month).   
>>Hooked up battery charger - it runs, unplugged radiator temp switch - it 
>>runs.  Left it unplugged.  Removed relay 2 - it runs,  plugged it 
>>back.   Removed relay 3 - it runs !!!!    Looking at the electric schema 
>>on the Bentley CD I am totallly puzzled.   It shows two motors 
>>actually.  Is it 2 stators in one case?  Anyway, they both are powered 
>>through relays 2 and 3.  I did not try to remove both relay at the same 
>>time, but all sensors except radiator switch can close either one or 
>>another relay and the rad. switch was unplugged.  So, sequential removal 
>>should be sufficient, according to the schema.     Can it be that my car 
>>has different wiring than CD?
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